The West, Europe and America are playing a very bad game. They are playing with Muslim feelings and are so ignorant that I find it so crazy in this day and age. The West, with its so very well educated Governments cant see further than their own noses. They have no idea about what Islam really is, and what it really means............or? They try to control Islamic Groups or ban them in their own lands, because of fear. Fear of what? What makes them afraid of Islam? They cant stop Islam, they try, its already in their own lands, their own peoples are also muslims,so whats the great fear? The fear is, that they are afraid that one day Islam will be ruling their country one day! Islam has so much to offer thats why its the fastest growing religion in the world! It offers a very clean way of living, no alchohol, no this no that? Maybe thats why the Goverments are afraid, losing all their power and letting the people have a clean way of living, and not getting any money out of it. What will happen if one day in the future a Western country votes Democratically to have Islam as its law? Is this, why the West is afraid and running crazy and scared.