What can we do ?


Are you against America, against UK!


Are you against America and the UK now,(or even Europe) because you dont agree to their views & politics, due to their War against Afghanistan, or support of Israel? Well you probably wish you could do something about it, no matter how great or small it is.

One way of showing your disaproval is to not buy any American or UK goods anymore for a start! For example dont by Coca Cola, Pepsi, or anything thats made in USA or Britain. Of course some may say, ah yes but what about my computer and other things which I need. Well if its really needed ok, but try to avoid all USA goods altogether. Look for alternatives. There are many. We should be able to live without USA and UK goods or? Are we so dependent on them? No we are not!
DONT SUPPORT THESE GOVERNMENTS WITH YOUR MONEY which is killing innocent people. We are all held responsible one way or another. These Governments support Israel which is also killimg Innocent people. For example in Germany the big Supermarket stores of Aldi are owned by Jews. Is our money also going into Jewish goods. No we should not support anything which supports Israel. DONT SUPPORT ANY GOVERNMENT IF YOU DONT AGREE TO THEIR POLICIES.

To go even one point further actually! We should not actually buy any goods or materials from those countries which support America in their cause of killing. That probably brings us back to ALL EUROPEAN Countries!
Germany, France, etc.

Well thats one idea which may please you, or do you have some other ideas in how to not support these Governments? Send in your idea, and it may be printed here in this page. (rashid@haus-des-islam.de)We must all do what we can to show our disaproval. (That is if you do disaprove?).

Actually if we were all brave enough, those of us who are really against this war, we should all march into Afghanistan and then see if our own Governments would kill us also due to our views! But how to organise a thing like that, and would we be stopped. Well thats just a thought for you to think about.

Another way of demostrating is by sending emails, faxes, letters, even phone calls to all your Governement agencies and Members of Parliament.

Stand up for your rights, and dont believe and follow your Governments if you feel and know they are doing wrong. You are not just a number, but a free man (woman)! SO TELL THEM SO!

We are not sheep, and we are not forced to follow the majority! Use your head! Let your Government know that you disaprove! POWER TO THE PEOPLE....or? Remember, spend your money wisely....and see where it is going and to whom it is going?