Democracy. "The Wrong Way"


The way the Western countries keep praising their best way, their best system is like believing in "Alice in Wonderland" You only have to see how much military power they have to see its only held up with military power. It does not rely on peace. Peace they say, can ownly be obtained by having military and police strenghth......................But has this system, THIS System really brought peace, or is it ownly a Mirror of the Monster within.

A country that has to spend so much money on military power is really not stable. Peace, real peace, means when we are not fighting each other with weapons. How much the USA is spending now in so called security and military equipments makes me now really see this SYSTEM has turned in the end to a really SICK and Monster System. The reason the people think this system is right, is due to the fact they havent really looked for an alternative system all these years. Any other system that comes along, is AUTOmatically a danger and is AUTOmatically a wrong system and cannot be accepted.

Such is the West, with its head burried in the sand, not hearing, not listening, not really caring about human beings, but only in its own survival of the MONSTER......................the System.....

Look at all the great powers that have gone before us, where are they to be seen, no more, but their ruins of their past are all that is left of their so called power..Dont we learn from history? Apparently not.

A Monster in a matter how great, wont last for ever, only peace will.
Peace will come at the end for those who believe even though it may be in the last years of this world .
Such are the unbelievers....................who are the Losers in this world and in the next.