Islam is not a "Verein" !(Club?)

The German Government is trying to get a grip on the Muslim Terrorist. More power is given to the police and to the secret police to observe the islamic Movement in Germany. Also the "Special Commando Units" are being built up and trained. But what does it really mean these so called ........actions?

The German Government is keeping a close eye on all Islamic Vereins (Organisations) and scanning through suspect and so called dangerous groups. Actually this is what all Governments are doing around the world today, or should I say, trying to do with some great efforts.

These so called efforts are actually like looking for a "needle in a haystack"! The Governments of the world fail to see what the real haystack is. The needle is Islam, which they really dont want to find anyway. The reason being, is that they dont have the patience to really look for it. They dont want it anyway. They have their own needles, their own religions. We muslims are the Haystack, so many of us....................world wide. These Governments want to disturb the haystack, they want to destroy it, even burn it. They mess around with the muslims and dont want to know really who they are. Islam is everywhere, its not a club, its not a "Verein" (Club). Islam is a way of life, and many are against our way of life.

Watching these Islamic Clubs or Muslim Clubs, watching the Mosques, and the Organisations, or even single people will not bring an answer to all their questions or their fears. This is not the long term solution. The real solution is to spend the time to look for the needle in the haystack, but that takes time. Whats the easiest and quickest way to find the needle? The answer, talk to the muslims, they are the haystack, they will guide you to the needle..................................So dont watch the muslims, talk with them, understand them, listen to them, respect them, accept them. This is the way to make peace...................not war!

Take action, and speak with a muslim today, and treat him or her as a human being, and then maybe you will reach this eternal peace.

Lets learn to MAKE "PEACE"....................its here.