Is Islam becoming a problem for Europe?


Islam is becoming a problem for Europe and the West!

Thats what the politicians and the media are trying to show to the masses! Is Hitler back amongst us again trying to "dictate" to the masses in the same way the Nazi propaganda machine was working in world war two against the Jews? I thought we had come a long way away from this kind of thinking and domination. I thought the world had learned from its past! Now they turn to Islam and muslims and want to see us as the open enemy. What have we done? Do they want to trampel us to death with all their fears over us!

What does Islam really bring which makes even presidents and countries afraid to the ears! OK, terrorists can make anybody afraid of course even me! But now who has turned into the bigger "Terrorist" himself! Its the Media and the Governments of today along with their secret services and special spying networks. Who should I be more afraid of now? The Terrorist network or the Government Agencies who are attacking my way of life through Media and Government strategies? Who is attacking whom now? Who is attacking my religion? Who is attacking my privacy? Who is discriminating us now? Who feels safer now? What are you afraid off? Me, or my religion? Or are you afraid of my way of life which is not the same as yours? Are you afraid of my opinions and way of thinking as well? Do you want to destroy me and for what I stand for? I accepted Islam as my religion under my own free will! Is this what the West is afraid is happening? That people start to have their own FREE will and are no longer under their influence. Why is it that so many westerners have embraced islam? Why doesnt anyone talk about that? Why doesnt the Western Media see that Islam is becoming an influence in the world and crosses borders into peoples hearts without force. Why is Islam spreading so fast? Why dont they talk about that? Does that mean Islam will be dominating peoples lives under their own FREE will. Because they accepted it, and were not forced! That is why the West with its Media machine is in such a hurry to show Islam as bad, and that muslims are bad. What will they say one day in the future when more and more of their people accept islam in droves...............will they say then that their own people are BAD. Islam is not bad, its only the people who are bad. Bad people are everywhere even among muslims. People make themselves bad, thats their own FREE choice.

Islam doesnt propagate bad at all. Islam is against alchohol..............why????. The majority of non-muslim countries have to have alchohol, they cant live without it in their its become a kind of drug..............they cant leave it out for their peoples. How many people die because of alchohol? How many families are broken up because of it? How many people have accidents due to it? Can you imagine how much damage alchohol causes in one year in the whole world for example? Its actually a catastrophy if you looked at the figures, but who publishes that! So can you say a muslim is bad if he doesnt believe in drinking alchohol! No you cant! Actually you should congratulate a person who doesnt touch the stuff at all. Can you imagine a nation living without alchohol? If such a nation lived like that, wouldnt you call it a strong nation if the people can control themselves within their own FREE will?
Now you can imagine a nation or a country who lives of alchohol and also of its taxes how it would manage to survive. Can you IMAGINE why such countries would be against a people or a nation who propagate such a thing. Of course they would be dead against such a way of life.

OK, that was just a QUICK insight to make you realize why maybe the West is attacking Islam and muslims due to its System......which would end their system completely. Is this the real reason for their fears. In Islam " Interest" in the Islamic System is also forbidden..............can you imagine a land or Government having to live without "Interest". This would destroy the heart of their power and influence on the masses! This is the real threat for the West..TO LOSE ITS UGLY SYSTEM AND INFLUENCE OVER the peoples as a whole. Dont you see how this System is dominating so many peoples lives. The rich would lose their powers in an Islamic this what the POWERS at HIGH are afraid off?????? But such a System can only happen when the people, the majority really want how can you say Islam is a threat when there is no force in religion. When the people start to realize that, that is when they start to wake up. Is this what the West is afraid off? Afraid that one day their people will slowly become muslims due to their own FREE will! The West shouldn't be afraid, because Islam cannot be forced on them and that is what they are trying to say through the order to try and STOP islam coming to their peoples hearts. I have a free mind, do you? Are you afraid of my own FREE choice!

Sadly I have to say, that I am very disapointed in how far we have come as a civilization so far in Europe and in the West as a whole. It seems that we are stuck in the same old HOLE as the past has shown us. It seems Dictators are everywhere trying to push their own strategies forward without listening to the masses or world opinion. World opinion doesnt seem to matter much anymore! Most governments of the world dont even care whats really happening in poorer and less powerful countries. Everything is judged nowadays by who is the biggest in military power! We are back to the times of the Romans who were also once a large military power with their own ideals. Where did they end up with this type of civilization? Nothing remains but their ruins. And what about their language latin, its not even spoken anymore as a daily language. What I am trying to show and what I am trying to say civilization really civilized as we think? It seems we havent come any further than the Romans in many ways when I look at how the West is behaving as a whole against the muslims and Islam.

Like all Military powers they have to work with "tactics". Tactics to destroy the so called enemy who is MAN himself. Man is always wanting to destroy, to kill, to rule and to have the ultimate power. Especially when he hates and is afraid of something what he doesnt know and what he doesnt want to know or understand. To understand another person, let alone a religion takes to much time for most people. That is why we have the very impatience of the USA wanting to wage war instead of peace. Who is the real enemy I wonder? America with its so called intelligence and intellect seems to be burying its head in the sand. Has the Eagle turned suddenly into an Ostrich? Maybe this is what the West is afraid off, afraid of losing its power over the masses who are seeing more what the others are doing. Its difficult for anyone to hide these days. Big brother is watching you with his ONE eye. As a kid I always thought the one with the ONE eye, is the Monster! I think its TV myself ! Some say the USA!

So whats the power struggle today all about? Its about influence. Influence pays a great part in goverments and in peoples minds. You can influence people with money, or through television, through media which is a kind of brainwashing actually which most people dont even recognize is happening to them. Humans have become more clever technically and use and abuse these systems to influence whomever they can. The mass of TV, Radio, newspapers, Internet, magazines, and films plays an important part in the lives of a people who like to live in this physical world full of materialism. What is said in one part of the world can almost instantly be heard or seen anywhere else in the world. Even seeing is believing for the majority of citizens today.

Words and pictures can be manipulated and used in todays media very easily so much so, that we think we can almost believe everything that we see and hear. This is especially easily done to the young people and much more easier to our children who are so often innocent of the evils of this world.


Are you really so afraid of us???????????????????????



  Thoughts from one European Muslim who embraced Islam in 1974, and remember there are many more embracing Islam daily,weekly, why arent they afraid of Islam?  
  Written Thursday the 16.January 2003 in Germany / Europe!