Dont trust the West ! It thinks it is the Best !

Dont trust the West! It thinks it is the Best! You may say what does all that mean?

Well I was born in Europe, that makes me western in some ways I suppose. Coming out of the West doesnt mean that I have to live a complete western way of life, or that I have to believe in this western system. No not at all. Most of the Western people in general havent got a clue what its really like to live under another way of life. I mean they only know the Western System, and they think its the ONLY System in the world, and that it is the real system, the best system. In fact you get brainwashed when your young and as you grow up. Certainly there are real things and false things being taught as we grow up in the western society. So how do we step outside of ourselves and really look around to see who we really are and where we really are? To see in what environment we are in, to see whats being put into our heads from all around us. The input and effect from the Schools, religions, Media, the TV, films, the press, the radio, newspapers, by politicians, and of course by our own families, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

How to know whats right and what is wrong? Well first of all use YOUR head, and not the head of the brainwashing system. You do have a head you know! But how many of us really use it. We can only use it when it really belongs to us and not to the slaves and sheep of the western system. Are you really a free man, woman, or child? No, not really, unless you start to DE-PROGRAMME yourself and find out who really is controlling your head! Can you really see through the majority rule? If not, you are already lost and owned by the Western System. Your a sitting duck!

The Western System doesnt work very good at all in reality. It only LOOKS like it is. It only FEELS like it is working as the "Best" System but it really is not the right way. Look at all the problems it has, and see if it is really the COMPLETE System for all time or not? The HEART of the System, really doesnt have a REAL HEART at all. That means its not really HUMAN. Yes, of course its man made, but that doesnt mean its human! In fact it is like a MACHINE for ruling man whether he likes it or not!

Start today to be really human and look and search in your own System first which has a real heart. Yes, look into your own Heart, and God Willing you will be Guided to His System which is the BEST and Perfect?

Peace! From your Webmaster Rashid Wels!

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