Stop buying "Made in America!"
Stop buying "Made in Israel!"


Yes its time for action in our lives! We dont need to take this! We dont need to take that. We dont want America, we dont like America, we dont want their way of life. We dont want Israel! Clear and loud! Nobody can force us to accept their way of life or what they say. They would have to murder us all, and believe you me, they would if they could. Thats how evil their intentions are.

They call us extremists! Muslims! Islam! If we were really as extreme as they say we are, we would have been killing them years ago! They say Islam is an agressive religion! Just look at how many world wars they have had compared to the Muslims! How many people have they destroyed with their massive weapons. Havent they killed more people than we muslims ever have done. No, they dont want to believe that we are peaceful, so they attack us, and we have to defend ourselves. When we defend ourselves, they say, " look they are Terrorists!"

I have had enough of the Western values, they are all false, and do not live up to what they really say. Double standards, one for us, and one for them.
They think they are civilized because they keep their toilets clean! Clean with chemicals! Thats the level of their minds.

Civilized means being human and not pushing people around with your own power and might. I say, the " heavier they are, the heavier they fall". Look at Russia! Now its happening to the USA and Israel! This power of theirs will not last long or for ever. Its time for their downfall and the countdown has already started years ago. Truth always destroys falsehood.

How will this be you may ask! Well just take a look at all the Empires of the past. Just take a look at history and you wont even see these past powers anymore. They dissapeared. We can only see their ruins of their past, but where are they now? They were overtaken! This will happen to the USA and to the West in general. They have already lost. Islam is already here in their own countries and its catching and spreading fast daily. It will overtake them unawares, deaf, dumb and blind they are. Their own people are accepting Islam and they cannot stop it. So their own power will be lost.

Today, now we can start to make their power dwindle, by not Buying their goods. DONT BUY " Made in AMERICA". DONT BUY " Made in ISRAEL" Dont by Coca Cola, Pepsi, dont buy their Junk foods. Lets put our actions to where it hurts most of all for them, and that is in their purses. Dont take out your wallet for their goods. Put your wallet tightly back into your pocket. Then you will see it will hurt them. This is all that they live for, this life full of luxury and money. They live for this world, that is why they fear death, to get old. They think this is the only life and thats why they hang on to it so tightly. Thats why they want to discredit the muslims, who are not so materialistic. They are scared.......afraid........afraid to lose..............their power.

Buy goods from muslim countries, or support poorer countries, not those with their big fat Western wallets already. Support the poor, bring justice into your life, and judge before you take your wallet out and wait before giving your money away to those countries which degrade and look down on muslims. May Allah reward us for our efforts. STOP supporting USA and Israel! STOP SUPPORTING THE ENEMIES OF ISLAM WHO KILL AND MURDER US ! They play tricks with their Media, TV, magazines, newspapers. They tell lies to their own people. They never show the real muslims who really live and practice Islam. They are afraid if they do, Islam will spread so fast, that their downfall will be so quick.